Why US

  • No Exam
  • Globally recognised
  • Take courseat at your own pace
  • All year Admission
  • Retake your course
  • Carry your program in Canada
  • Reputable school in Canada
  • Competitive price in market

1.No public exam

We evaluate candidates based on their assignments (70%) and their school examinations held periodically (30%). This takes away a main cause of stress by students. 
Canada Minimum entry requirement Hong Kong Minimum entry requirement United Kingdom Minimum entry requirement Australia Minimum entry requirement
McGill Unil(2) 78-96.5 HKU (1) 90 Cambridge (1) 90 Australian National Unil (1) 77-96
McMaster Unil(6) 75-95 HKUST (2) 85 Oxford (2) 85 Uni of Melbourne (2) 76-91
Uni of Waterloo(7) 70 CUHK (3) 80 UCL (3) 83 Uni of New Souch Wales (3) 75-88
Uni of Western Ontario(8) 83-93 City Uni (4) 70 ICL (4) 85-90 Uni of Queenstand (4) 60-80
Uni of Calgray(9) 70 Polytechnic (5) 70 Uni of Edinburgh (5) 80-85 Uni of Sydney (5) 72-91
Domestic Ranking

2.Globally recognised program- 

All other major English-speaking jurisdictions around the world recognise our program

3.Take the courses at your own pace.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education industry worldwide has quickewned its pace of blending in technology into teaching. the OSSD courses will be delivered via online lecture or seminars, allowing the students to re-play the inteactive materials anytimes, anywhere.

4. All year admission.

You are welcome to start your learning journey with us anytime of the year. If you are a Form 5 (or Grade 11) student, you can register with us now

5. Opportunities for re-trials:

Education is, in large part, about learning through trial and error, and allowing one to grow in the process through reflecting on past mistakes. Unfortunately,  one-off examinations do not give leeway for students for extended trial and errors. However, OSSD is structured differently: if you are not satisfied with the final grade you got, you are allowed to re-take the relevant courses in the following semester so your new grade can replace the old one. 

6. Continue your program and move to Canada anytime

When you take the OSSD course with us, you are considered to have enrolled in our school in Canada. This means that the process of your visa application to Canada (should one be desired) would be smoother and more straightforward.

7. Our reputable school in Canada

Our school in Canada, located in Toronto, is widely regarded as one of the very best Christian schools in town.

8. Competitive pricing

We do not intend to serve only the rich, since education is known to be the great equalizer in society. With this in mind, our tuition fee is lower than most private or international schools in Hong Kong. That being said, we believe our quality of teaching is equal to or superior to many of the equivalent offerings on the market.
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