Study in Canada

Why study in Canada? Canada has been a top destination for many HK students because of its strong emphasis on multiculturalism, robust academic record at its top universities, and an environment where English is widely spoken. But why Canada? We set out some of the reasons why we think Canada may be a preferable choice compared to other popular destinations such as the US and the UK. 

1. Lowest tuition fee & cost of living

Lowest tuition fee and cost of living:  The US has the highest average cost of tuition of about US$24,000 per year (which can easily go up to US$50,000 per year). In the UK, the figure is slightly lower at US$15,030 to US$25,050. Canadian tuition fees are the lowest in the group, averaging around US$22,000 per year.  

2. Salary after graduation and high employment rate

Employment prospects: The average salary of a Canadian university graduate is at US$40,108, whereas the figure is US$37,278 in the UK and US$50,556 in the US.

3. Safest country out of the three

Safety: Canada ranks 11 in the safest country index by Global Finance, beating the UK (38) and the US (65).  

4 Stay and get your working visa easily!

Availability of working visa: You are eligible for a post-graduate work visa when you graduate from a Canadian university, making it easier for you to gain Canadian citizenship (compared to the US or the UK).
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