Futura X Canaan

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  Mission & Vision:

  •  Helping our students reach their full academic potential by offering a globalised and digitial learning opportunity in OSSD program
  •  Fostering leadership amongst our students through a wide range of innovative programs, such as Entrepreneurship, Designing your future
  •  Providing opportunities to engage in local and gloabal communities and services

Canaan Academy

Canaan Global Academy(BSID:665306) is an accredited Christian private school that strives to cultivate learners from around the world by integrating leading-edge pedagogy. 

FuturaCan Academy

We offer a prosperous future for our students through providing a canadian (OSSD) program to our G11 and 12 students in Hong Kong, equipping them with the skills to enter top universities in Canada and even the world!


Adaptability, leadership skills, technology and information analysis skills


Integrity, respect diversity。 


Offering comprehensive OSSD courses for their future success, promoting experiential learning

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