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Environmental Science

Duration: 10 Week(s)
Credit: 1
Course Hours:110
Grade: Grade 11
Environmental Science SVN3M
This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of and skills relating to environmental science that will help them succeed in life after secondary school. Students will explore a range of topics, including the role of science in addressing contemporary environmental challenges; the impact of the environment on human health; sustainable agriculture and forestry; the reduction and management of waste; and the conservation of energy. Students will increase their scientific and environmental literacy and examine the interrelationships between science, the environment, and society in a variety of areas.

Prerequisite: Grade 10 Science, Applied or Academic (SNC2D)

1. Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges
• Current environmental issues are complex, and may involve conflicting interests or ideas.
• Scientific knowledge enables people to make informed decisions about effective ways to address environmental challenges.

2. Human Health and the Environment
• Environmental factors can have negative effects on human health.
• It is possible to minimize some of the negative health effects of environmental factors by making informed lifestyle choices and taking other precautions.

3. Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
• Modern agricultural and forestry practices can have positive and negative consequences for the economy, human health, and the sustainability of ecosystems, both local and global.

4. Reducing and Managing Waste
• Well-thought-out waste management plans help to sustain ecosystems, locally and globally.
• By making informed choices, consumers can reduce the amount or alter the nature of the waste they produce.

5. Conservation of Energy
• The impact of energy production and consumption on environmental sustainability depends on which resources and energy production methods are used.
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