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Media Studies

Duration: 10 Week(s)
Credit: 1
Course Hours:110
Grade: Grade 11
Media Studies EMS3O
This course emphasizes knowledge and skills that will enable students to understand media communication in the twenty-first century and to use media effectively and responsibly. Through analysing the forms and messages of a variety of media works and audience responses to them, and through creating their own media works, students will develop critical thinking skills, aesthetic and ethical judgement, and skills in viewing, representing, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The expectations in this course are organized into the following strands:
A. Understanding and Interpreting Media Texts
1. Understanding and Responding to Media Texts: demonstrate understanding of a variety of media texts;
2. Deconstructing Media Texts: deconstruct a variety of types of media texts, identifying the codes, conventions, and techniques used and explaining how they create meaning.

B. Media and Society
1. Understanding Media Perspectives: analyse and critique media representations of people, issues, values, and behaviours;
2. Understanding the Impact of Media on Society: analyse and evaluate the impact of media on society.

C. The Media Industry
1. Industry and Audience: demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which the creators of media texts target and attract audiences;
2. Ownership and Control: demonstrate an understanding of the impact of regulation, ownership, and control on access, choice, and range of expression.

D. Producing and Reflecting On Media Texts
1. Producing Media Texts: create a variety of media texts for different audiences and purposes, using effective forms, codes, conventions, and techniques;
2. Careers in Media Production: demonstrate an understanding of roles and career options in a variety of media industries;
3. Metacognition: demonstrate an understanding of their growth as media consumers, media analysts, and media producers.
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