Q&A for students & parents

How is a student’s grade evaluated ?

Teachers will obtain assessment information through a variety of means, which may include formal and informal observations, discussions, learning conversations, questioning, conferences, homework, tasks done in groups, demonstrations, projects, portfolios, developmental continua, performances, peer and self-assessments, self-reflections, essays, and tests.
Why would you get a higher chance of success in Non-JUPAS?
-A chance for the interview
-Higher number of programs to apply
-Fewer applicants, relatively high rate for non-JUPAS acceptance
While for JUPAS :(
1, Most programs only accept students who put their program in Band A (limited options)
2.A degree of uncertainty, the entry scores based on the applications of the year. 
Can they study DSE and OSSD at the same time?
1.Yes, our students can study DSE and OSSD at the same time.
2.In fact, some course contents are overlapped. Studying OSSD courses like: Math, English and Science would help DSE learning indirectly.
3.Students can choose applying universities in HK by EITHER JUPAS or non-JUPAS (application period: Sep-Jan) 
What are the benefits of the hybrid learning model?
1.Learning at your own pace: No time and space limit- you can take and replay it anytime
2.Flexible credit courses:
Personalised study plan
3.Community work leads to well-rounded development
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